An alliance of independent organisations dedicated to the empowerment of Asian farmers.

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The Field Alliance believes that each woman, man and child has the right to knowledge and the freedom and responsibility to act in ways which ensure the health and sustainability of humans and environmental systems.

The issues that The Field Alliance focus on are multifaceted and multilateral, and each area of focus has been identified by the communities themselves and as such, continue to evolve dependent on time, location, environmental conditions, and economic and social needs.



Towards a non-toxic environment in South-East Asia

Read more about our participation in this regional programme supported by the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI)

and the Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

  • The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
  • KEMI The Swedish Chemical Agency
  • Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Ecological Agriculture

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The Field Alliance

3 days 14 hours ago

Less than a week until the 2016 Regional Workshop on Agroecology for Farmer Training in Hanoi, Vietnam. We couldn't be more excited to reunite with partners from Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, and of course Vietnam. Special thanks to ICERD and the Plant Protection Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for their valued support.

The Field Alliance

1 week 2 days ago

The Field Alliance is pleased to announce our upcoming Regional Workshop on Agroecology for Farmer Training in Hanoi, Vietnam December 13th-15th. We are thrilled to be reunited with friends and partners, and the results of this workshop will form the basis of farmer and student programs for the upcoming term.

The Field Alliance

2 months 1 day ago

TFA staff conducted Pesticides Impact to Health and Environment training for Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID) staff and 30 village representatives (11 women) from 6 villages at the Nyaung Shwe townships, Tuanggyi, Myanmar during September 6-8, 2016.

The Field Alliance

2 months 2 weeks ago

The Field Alliance shared a link.