An alliance of independent organisations dedicated to the empowerment of Asian farmers.

Most of the current work of The Field Alliance is carried out by Partners. These are non-profit organisations which are independently registered in their own countries.
Partners have their own structures and activities, but they share many important characteristics, including:

  • a common vision of farmer empowerment and sustainable rural livelihoods;
  • expertise in ecological agriculture, experiential learning, advocacy and project management;
  • experience in conducting training and action research activities at the local, national and international level;
  • collaborative relationships with a wide range of government agencies, NGOs and community groups.

Partners also participate in the implementation of regional activities of The Field Alliance, and act as hosts for regional advisers who are working on a full-time, consulting or voluntary basis. Consequently the Field Alliance does not need to maintain a regional office.
Staff of the various Partner organisations have been working together for nearly a decade through the activities of the FAO Regional IPM Programme. Presently there are three Partner organisations: two were established in 2001 by ex-staff of the FAO programme, and one has been an FAO sub-contractor for more than five years. The Field Alliance aims to increase the number of Partners over the next couple of years, while maintaining the strength of vision and expertise which characterises the existing group.
Organisations join The Field Alliance by signing a Memorandum of Partnership with the Board of Directors. Subsequently, Partners participate in General Meetings of The Field Alliance including elections of the Directors.