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Organization: Thai Education Foundation (TEF)
Partner since: 1970
Facebook: Thai Education Foundation

Thai Education Foundation (TEF) is a non-profit organization working to improve education in Thailand. To TEF, education is first and foremost a continuous process guided primarily by the participant-learners themselves. By linking field projects, training activities and policy development support, TEF works to make innovative, practical and effective contributions to this end.

TEF has its origins in the work of World Education, an international NGO which was active in Thailand during the 1970’s and 1980’s. In the last decade, Thai Education Foundation has become an independent organisation working closely with the Government agencies, international donors and various other NGOs in the following areas:

  • Educational reform and decentralization
  • Local capacity building
  • Non-formal, adult and primary education
  • Learner-centered, experiential education and action research
  • Training and curriculum development and facilitation
  • Environmental education
  • Management information systems and educational technology

TEF has played a leading role in Asia in the development of environmental education programmes for school children based on the ‘farmer field school’ approach. Following the success of pilot activities in a number of Thai primary schools, TEF has supported teacher training programmes, and helped the Ministry of Education to establish M&E systems across the country. TEF has also organised two international workshops and a number of other exchanges, thus playing a catalytic role in the development of similar environmental education programmes in Cambodia, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Thai Education Foundation is currently carrying out a range of activities with funds from the World Bank, FAO, DANIDA, and the Thai Government.

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