An alliance of independent organizations dedicated to the empowerment of Asian farmers.

REAL Programs (Cambodia)

Promoting schools and communities biodiversity conservations to ensure their foods security, safe foods production through agroecology and e-markets. REAL program in Cambodia will continue to create awareness on the impacts of pesticides and supports communities on pesticides waste containers management to protect contamination to communities and environment.

Target Provinces: Battambong, Kampong Channang, and Siem Riep surrounding the Tonle Sap Lake

Collaborating partners: Agricultural Technology Services Association (ATSA), Sre Khmer, Ministries of Agriculture and Education and private sectors.


REAL Programs (Laos)

REAL program in Laos is working closely with the Department of the Non Formal Education (NFE) to create awareness on the impacts of pesticides and promotes biodiversity conservation for food security and livelihoods for rural schools and communities. A pilot e-library will be used to document and bridge knowledge gap among young and old generation on food culture, conservation efforts and e-markets for communities products.

Target Provinces: Huapan, Xiengkhuang, Laungprabang, Vientiane, Khammoune and Pakse.

Collaborating partners: The Ministry of Education, Agriculture, FAO and international organizations projects and private sectors.


REAL Programs (Myanmar)

Myanmar programs support agroecology training and e-markets for schools and youth and women groups in Southern Shan State.

Target Province: Shan State

Collaborating partners: Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID), ministries of Agriculture, Education, Health and private sectors.


REAL Programs (Thailand)

Safe School Lunch
Thai Education Foundation, TFA major partner, will pilot safe school lunch program through agroecolgy for schools, family and communities to produce chemical-free foods to supply to school feeding, lunch and cafeteria. The program will work with provincial agencies and local administration to develop baseline data and mapping chemical-free food producers for suppliers and trained/ registered cooks and food vendors working in school cafeterias to ensure safe and nutritional foods for age appropriate menus.

Target provinces: Chiangmai, Nakornsawan, Uthaitani, Bangkok, Surin and Nakornsrithamarat

Collaborating partners: Governor Offices, provincial Agriculture, Education, Health agencies, NGOs, and Private Sectors Years: 2020 – 2023


REAL Programs (Eco Island)

The program will create awareness for Biodiversity conservation, effective waste management and ecotourism through participatory process with schools, youth groups, local administration, government agencies, NGOs and private sectors. The aim is to promote communities involvement in develop strategic plans to improve the habitats for biodiversity conservation, reduce island and ocean waste and increase income through ecotourism.

Target sites: Kao Payam, Ranong province, Kao Yao Noi, Phanngna province.

Collaborating partners: Thai Education Foundation (TEF), Provincial governor office, Natural Resources and Environment, Tourism agencies, local administration and private sectors.


REAL Programs (Vietnam)

Vietnam programs will continue working with Community Learning Centers to promote awareness on impacts of pesticides and agrobioderversity conservation for food security, schools and market.

Target provinces: Lao Cai, Yen Bai, and Quan Binh

Collaborating Partners: Initiatives for Community Empowerment and Rural Development (ICERD), the ministries of Agriculture, Education, Health and private sectors.