An alliance of independent organizations dedicated to the empowerment of Asian farmers.


Improving and ensuring food security has always been a primary aim of The Field Alliance and our partners.


Until recently, Southeast Asia was notoriously rich in natural resources. People living and working within this region were able to rely on the existence and quality of these resources for basic sustenance and income and small-scale farming was ample to sustain people. This traditional small-scale farming approach allowed farmers to maintain more control over their crops, facilitated the preservation of natural agrobiodiversity, and lessened environmental impacts.


Regretfully, development over recent years in Southeast Asia has heightened production demands and put a significant strain on natural resources. Social and economic shifts have also caused many farmers to pursue employment outside of the agricultural sector and many children are uninterested in pursuing agriculture as a future profession. These factors combined greatly jeopardize food security in the region and could potentially lead to an over-reliance on imports which implicates further risks for domestic markets and control over the quality of food consumed.


By educating farmers on these risks and in particular by focusing educational outreach to youth through schools, we hope to support an informed and prepared young generation of farmers who consider agriculture as a viable and vital profession.