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  • file_extension_pdf Participatory Ecology Training: Field Guide for IPM Training. A fully illustrated guide by Nanang Budiyanto covering 18 topics (6 PDF files, 38 pages, 1.6 Mb)

Participatory Ecology Training: A Field Guide for IPM Training
Nanang Budiyanto, 2000

This Guide is based on field work carried out over a period of more than 5 years in Indonesia. The 18 exercises have also been used as part of IPM training courses in Cambodia, China, Bangladesh and Thailand.

The document has diagrams and tables on every page and, as a result, it takes up a lot of space. To make it easier to download it has been split into 6 pdf files.

Cover and Preface file_extension_pdf PDF file, 87 KB

Section 1   file_extension_pdf PDF file, 307 KB
Topic 1:  Plant Growth, Energy and Nutrients
Topic 2:  Photosythesis, Energy Flows, Nutrient Cycles
Topic 3:  Plant Parts, Function, and Biomes
Topic 4:  Rice Plant Compensation in relation to Growth Stages

Section 2   file_extension_pdf PDF file, 261 KB
Topic 5:  Soil Structure, Organic Matter, Soil Microrganisms
Topic 6:  Nutrient Source and Behaviour
Topic 7:  Collecting Insects and Spiders
Topic 8:  Habitat Study in Fallow Rice Field

Section 3   file_extension_pdf PDF file, 524 KB
Topic 9:  Habitat Study in Rice Ecosystem
Topic 10:  Insect Identification and Drawing Exercise
Topic 11:  Functional Groups of Insects and Spiders in the Rice Ecosystem

Section 4   file_extension_pdf PDF file, 252 KB
Topic 12:  Energy Flow in the Rice Ecosystem
Topic 13:  Balanced Ecosystem Components
Topic 14:  Life Cycle and Food Web
Topic 15:  Predator, Plant Feeder and Parasite Behaviour

Section 5   file_extension_pdf PDF file 200 KB
Topic 16:  Insect population Growth
Topic 17:  Resurgence and Resistance Mechanism
Topic 18:  Weather, Agronomic Practice and Effect on Disease

Activity Reports

Farmer field research: An analysis of experiences from Indonesia
Henk van den Berg, Peter A.C. Ooi, Arief L. Hakim, Hartjahjo Ariawan and Widyastama Cahyana. October 2001


Farmers who attend IPM training often become enthusiastic researchers. This FAO project report, written with the involvement of Indonesian experts now associated with The Field Alliance, provides a conceptual framework for Farmer Field Research, and examines five cases from Indonesia.
Cover  (1 page, file_extension_pdf PDF file, 145 KB)

Farmer Field Research  (60 pages, file_extension_pdf PDF file, 507 KB])

Chapter 1. Introduction

      1.1 Traditional generation of knowledge
      1.2 Modern agricultural developments
      1.3 The need for farmer field research
      1.4 Conceptual framework

Chapter 2. Farmer education

      2.1 The IPM programme
      2.2 The farmer field school
      2.3 After the farmer field school

Chapter 3. Five cases of farmer field research

      3.1 Case I: A farmer improving his planting method
      3.2 Case II: A farmer training activity on field research
      3.3 Case III: Farmers learning how to control stemborer in rice
      3.4 Case IV: Farmers addressing multiple problems
      3.5 Case V: Farmers adapting an ‘external technology’

Chapter 4. Analysis

      4.1 Process of field research
      4.2 Roles in field research
      4.3 Impact of field research

Chapter 5. Supportive research

      5.1 Research base
      5.2 Responsive research
      5.3 Development of training curricula

Chapter 6. Synthesis

      6.1 Education
      6.2 Ownership
      6.3 Impetus

Annex: Guide on Facilitating Scientific Method(16 pages, file_extension_pdf PDF file, 60 KB)

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